FleshAndBloodCards.com post Calling updates

FleshAndBloodCards.com post Calling updates
Hi Folks!

The lovely people from FleshAndBloodCards.com well, Chad and Isaac, had a super successful time at The Calling Indianapolis last weekend adding absolutely loads of new cards to stock including almost all the Alpha Investments, Team Covenant and Channel Fireball exclusives so if promo cards are your thing (and they definitely are for me!) be sure to check them out. You can type in FAB Promo, LSS Promo etc. in the search to find them or search by name etc. Classic Battles - Rhinar vs Dorinthea single are up on the site now too.

Everfest Prices Down
We managed to buy so much Everfest that we've been able to drop the prices on all of the Majestic+ rarity cards which is great! If you are after Everfest cards there's never been a better time to get them from us. Hopefully we'll get a stand at more American events and buy so many cards from the other expansions that we can drop prices there too. We work really hard to keep good levels of every card in stock and our prices as low as possible so people can always get the cards they want to build their decks. Buying and trading in lots of cards helps us to do that.

On that note, we are currently offering 50% extra in trade over our buy prices so it's definitely worth looking to see if you have anything we need. We're particularly looking for rainbow foil versions of all the majestics (pretty much) from Welcome to Rathe, Arcane Rising, Crucible of War along with a load of terrible majestics from Monarch and Tales of Aria. No, honestly! It's easy to get the good stuff but people don't seem to carry utterly pants cards around in their trade folders and that's the stuff we need!

Subscriber Bonuses!
We decided to thank our subscribers by offering Cold Foil young dash to them for the special price of £60 posted.
We expect this price to be much higher due to it being available at so few events.

Special Request!
The cold foil Taipanis Judge Promos all sold at The Calling and we need more. We hate having gaps in stock so if you have one kicking about we're offering £130 in cash and £200 in trade for those bad boys.

We always need more misprinted cards and oddities, Dynasty Marvels, Alpha rainbow foil playables (sink below, snatch etc.) and other cool cards like Gold cold foil cards and cold foils from WTR and ARC send an email to admin@fleshandbloodcards.com and let us know what you have and what you'd like, let's make a deal!

Chad, Isaac and Joe